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Therapy is present in every conversation, with our co-workers, friends, parents, siblings, lovers, and even our enemies. We think of therapy as intervention by a professional, but the original word itself actually means ‘to heal’.

Mental health is not seen, so it can be difficult to observe. Life gets complicated, events happen and we can become frustrated, confused, and hurt by an infinite number of different situations. Therapy is our tool for organising our thoughts and emotions so we can feel confident enough to take on what life has give to us. Engaging with therapy means we can understand what our paths have led us through, where our blindspots are, and work to be as strong and ready as possible to pursue our highest potential.

In my practice I help people achieve clarity and direction in order to lead to happier lives day-to-day. My remit is often to help clients navigate difficult choices or feelings to find solutions and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence. In addition to being a trained counsellor and therapist, I have also used the Tarot as an exploratory tool for helping people to build clarity and map pathways to success.

In a therapeutic partnership we seek to identify, deconstruct, and overcome, leading to a process of healing. Leading Healing is a tribute to those efforts past, present, and future, in the anticipation of more stories of happiness and fulfilment.

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Life Path + Career Counselling
Marriage + Partnerships
Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Meditation Training
Spiritual Support


Family • Relationships
Mental • Physical Health
Trauma • Addiction
Gender • Sexuality
Grief • Loss

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Relationship Insights
Purpose + Career Goals
Emotional Regulation Strategy
Intuition Discovery

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I take an integrative approach in counselling, which means selecting techniques from different therapeutic orientations which are best suited to a client. I believe in the inherent value of each individual, and my practice unifies psychotherapy and spirituality to respond to people at the emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological levels. I aim to facilitate a sense of wholeness within clients to maximise purpose and contentment with the awareness of each their own personal and/or external constraints. I often draw from Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Spiritual Ideation as part of sessions.

My focus with clients is to build on emotional and psychological flexibility for engaging on a level which focuses on achieving personal goals, to better encourage success as we walk through life day-to-day.

I am an accredited CBT therapist with a current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check, and have experience working with social care agencies.

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Dane has been an instrumental part of me finding peace, harmony and balance which had missing from my life during a turbulent time. He provided me with tools to deal with challenges that consumed me. His calming and intuitive nature enabled me to focus clearly on the best possible outcome. Today when challenges arrive I am well equipped to navigate them with a positive, confident and powerful approach.

Vivienne - Greece
Dane provided me with tools to not only recognise my worth, but also to build on and grow through my new-found awareness. At an early and crucial stage in my life, he has shown me by example how I would like to carry myself not only within my own four walls – and I mean that symbolically as well as literally – but also in the outside world, whether that would be within my community or in new spaces. I believe that Dane is a true teacher at heart, always trying to get the best out of everyone. He is naturally empathetic and well spoken which makes it a treat to listen to his takes and provides a comfortable space to grow and exchange in.
Ismi - Switzerland
Dane is a wonderful counsellor, and very easy to talk to. He’s a good listener and he’s calmly and effectively helped me find a healthy mindset where I did not know how to move forward before. Dane is very kind and has been great at helping me to see all the new possibilities and opportunities ahead of me. I’m very thankful and I can’t recommend him enough.
Vanessa - Canada
Dane creates a non-judgmental environment and helps make sense of complex and difficult situations with respect, care, and insight. His approach feels like it is well-tailored to my needs, and his compassion and empathy have been important in allowing for me to experience emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth in sessions. Whenever I leave sessions I feel we have done productive work and look forward to our next meetings. I would recommend Dane to anyone looking for clarity and a way forward in whichever way they might need it.
Joanne - Canada

Dane is a gifted therapist and has an ability to help individuals gently explore, disentangle and move beyond (or coexist with) the factors that are bothering them. His emphasis is upon guided reflection rather than telling you what the ‘issue’ is. Speaking about upsetting experiences, traumas, and other struggles and how they continue to impact us is not an easy task. As an experienced social worker I can speak to Dane’s ability to dispel notions of shame or judgement and to create a genuinely safe space for individuals looking to better understand the connections that exist between our behaviours, past experiences, current relationships, and own sense of self.

Adam - UK