Counselling and therapy can be seen in some ways as troubleshooting, whether that be solving problems from the result of restricted or unavailable resources, reconciling psychological and emotional challenges, understanding drives or motivations from past relationships and experiences, building a wider net of knowledge around real events, and/or understanding how our thoughts and feelings are shaped by influences of the social systems we live in.

It wouldn’t be an uncommon feeling that the idea of counselling is some form of admission that there is something wrong with us, which can stop the desire to speak to someone altogether. However, the reason to pursue counselling is much lighter and far more practical. It is for us to observe and gain knowledge, of our situations and perspectives, to equip us with real tools that we can use to better navigate and build on our experiences.

Our sessions focus on establishing values and goals, in an adaptable and collaborative setting, in areas including but not limited to:

Finding personal direction and harmony in life, family, and relationships

Seeking deeper meaning and purpose through finding new methods of moving forward

Dealing with significant life transitions for example in mental and physical health, relationships, career, spirituality, gender, sexuality, bereavement, trauma, grief, and loss

Creating self-regulation strategies to manage feelings of anger, fear, loneliness, stress, anxiety, sadness, and confusion

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