It’s time to seek relationship counselling when there is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions with your partner. Counselling supports couples that wish to become proactive about fortifying their bonds, which can bring about discovering new strengths in a relationship.

When we feel uncertain, at risk, and exposed, a counsellor assists with leaning into difficult conversations about vulnerability, discomfort, and intolerance by challenging us not to tap out for the sake of ourselves and our relationship. It isn’t necessary to overshare, self-expose, or even show emotion to reveal our humanity to each other, just that we develop better awareness of the armour we carry and have the courage to keep leaning into conversations as opposed to shielding up.

When we find things about our partner that suit us, our style, our way, we find ourselves still not knowing deeply who they are. We love seeing ourselves in those we love, and yet to love someone else is to love a part of them that is completely not suited to us.

Developing communication in a relationship is often liberating from older inflexible ideas of what that relationship should have looked like by now. Deconstructing perspectives in a safe environment for both people opens the space to explore, recognise, and resolve uncertainties, insecurities, and conflicts in an effort to improve relationships and interactions.

Relationship counselling is about accepting that two people can sometimes come to a crossroad, where the voice of a third party can more smoothly facilitate effective listening and understanding. We get tired of things that chip away at us over time which don’t ever seem to get fully resolved. When energy and patience wears thin, it can be surprising and reinvigorating to find out that there is a way forward in a relationship – It just hasn’t been discovered yet.

In an adaptable and collaborative setting we focus on establishing values and goals which are deeply compatible and empowering for couples, in areas including but not limited to:

Developing stronger mutual emotional and mental support

Handling conflicts, disagreements, and infidelity

Addressing repeating behaviour patterns

Team tools for tackling stress, anxiety, and depression

Family trauma, addiction, and abuse

Marriage, family planning, career/education goals, and financial decision-making

Attachment and relationship styles, intimacy, and sexuality

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A relationship based on some thing will not last. A relationship based on no thing, will last.