A personally rewarding focus of my practice has been working with students, domestic or international, who have moved away from their homes to study. Integrating into a new country or environment away from family, whilst focusing on excelling in studies and discovering new social settings, can be culturally and emotionally difficult and may sometimes feel daunting, intimidating, alienating, and lonely. These feelings can be present underneath the added pressures of new academic and social responsibilities. Studies have shown that young people are at risk of developing maladaptive coping mechanisms to the unanticipated pressures of student life, be it social anxiety, eating disorders, excessive drinking, recreational drugs, depression, and self-harm to name but a few.

These feelings can also come from being unable to articulate experiences clearly or be understood entirely by families back at home, while discussing our experiences with those around us can sometimes make things seem even more frustrating or complex. In sessions we can discuss techniques for managing the pressures that often accompany everyday student life, whether that be academic, new relationships, being away from home, confidence and self-worth, or otherwise.

Our sessions will focus on well-being, adaptability, grounding oneself in one’s values, and building personally fulfilling lifestyles. Achieving balance, psychological contentment, and emotional independence to take control of our lives is always possible with the right approach.

Student rates are available. Check out the page on individuals as well for other ways that I can help.

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